I have been teaching since 2002 and in all honesty, I am simply in love with all things yoga.  I’m influenced by various styles of yoga but landed squarely in the vinyasa tradition thanks to it’s mash up approach and the space it allows for creativity and spirituality.  I believe in the infinite possibilities of this practice and will always, always be a student first and foremost.  My intention is to keep my classes and my teaching as real as possible and I am a big proponent of a healthy sense of humor.  In a nutshell, yoga helps me be my best, most authentic self and I am honored to share these tools to help others do the same.


I have been teaching for 10 years, and every year I discover something new about the practice and a new avenue I want to explore. Gone  are the days of wanting to nail crazy postures, but the community, the laughter, the avenue for creativity, the connection of music and movement to open the body and to clear the mind, (watching students nail the crazy posture;), the surrender – there is never a dull moment and oh-so-much still to learn. I have many teachers and and continue to be inspired.  I try to use humor and down-to-earth sentimentality to illuminate aspects of the spiritual journey in a hectic world. My goal is to put those practicing at ease and encourage them to try new things-on and off the mat.  Power vinyasa is I guess how you could classify my teaching style, but as yoga continues to evolve, in a lifetime I’m sure my teaching ‘type’ will as well!


“Anna and I have taught alongside of each other for years, but recently reconnected at a teacher training. We both share the same love of yoga and have a desire to go deeper into its myth, its teachings, its mystery and it’s inspiration with anyone who dares to go there.  Recognizing that the history and philosophy stretches thousands of years, we can both only offer so much in a studio setting and wanted to come together to create an environment where we could study and go deeper. The opportunity to explore these ancient lessons within in ourselves and with our students we agreed would be an incredible experience to learn  while honoring the practice, its roots, ourselves, our world and learn from each other.  There is a curiosity and a fire that we can’t seem to put to rest.  I think this is going to be an incredible undertaking and am excited to collectively put our efforts into this project and see how it unfolds.”